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28 Februar 2019no comments Allgemein, ARCHIV

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The Haudenosaunee Message of Peace – An Iroquois Perspective of the World

presented by

Mohawk Elder Sakokwenionkwas (Tom Porter)

Tom Porter (Sakokwenionkwas “The One Who Wins”) has been the founder, spokesperson and spiritual leader of the Mohawk Community of Kanatsiohareke (Ga na jo ha lay gay) located in the Mohawk Valley near Fonda, New York since 1993. He is a member of the Bear Clan of the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne (Akwesasne, also known as the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation, straddles the New York State/Canadian border near Massena, New York.) He is married to Alice Joe Porter who is Choctaw, and has six children. Tom “Sakokwenionkwas” Porter has been a nationally recognized figure in Indian Country since the 1960’s when he co-founded the “White Roots of Peace”, a travelling university of Indigenous Elders who toured North America with traditional teachings and encouraging Indians to embrace their respective Native traditions. Recognizing that Mohawk language and culture were dying out, he also co-founded the Akwesasne Freedom School. Tom is recognized nationally as a compassionate, humerous and inspirational speaker. As an educator, Tom has taught at the Akwesasne Freedom School and Trent University and has worked as a cultural researcher and consultant for the North American Indian Traveling College. For 21 years he has been one of the nine chiefs of the Longhouse Council of Akwesasne, the traditional government that follows the “Great Law of Peace”, the confederacy’s constitution which was in existence for centuries long before Europeans came to North America. Members of the confederacy are the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca and Tuscarora. The Six Nations of the Iroquois call themselves Haudenosaunee – People of the Longhouse. Their matrilinear clan system and their constitution has influenced the early feminist movement as well as great thinkers like Henry L. Morgan, Friedrich Engels and Benjamin Franklin. Tom Porter is the author of many books, among them “Our Ways” and “And Grandma said”. He has received numerous human rights and education awards and holds three honorary doctor degrees. Tom will visit Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. He will be accompanied by his son Aroniennens (Fallen Sky), Turtle Clan, who is a traditional singer in the Akwesasne Longhouse.


Topics of his Talks:


  • The Great Law of Peace – The Haudenosaunee Constitution: Over 800 years old and still a Model for the Future
  • Tadodaho – A Story about Good and Evil / A Historic Landmark in the History of Reconciliation. What does it mean to the modern world?
  • The Clan Mothers:  Keepers of Balance in the Longhouse Government
  • Welcome to this Earth – The Ceremony when a Child is Born
  • The Seven Generations – A Concept of Responsibility, Sustainability and Ecology
  • Giving a Voice to the Earth – The Haudenosaunee World View: All Beings are Part of this World.
  • The Two Row Wampum – 400 Years of Transatlantic Relations




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